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Our Guaranteed Quality Care Find out what makes us different from other assisted living homes.

What sets Avendelle apart from other facilities?

Avendelle Assisted Living Homes has focused on providing premier, personalized care in the Dallas, TX area for years, and we’re now expanding to offer our level of care nationwide. With a 4:1 ratio of residents to caregivers, we provide safe, comfortable atmospheres that are homelike instead of feeling like a facility. This allows our residents to have freedom and flexibility, to feel like they don’t have to give up the lifestyle they’re used to. We take the time to listen to each individual’s needs and preferences instead of blanketing our care. Want to know how we maintain this high level of atmosphere?


All-Inclusive Pricing

One issue with many other assisted living facilities is that they pack on additional fees. Costs initially discussed can quickly escalate due to hidden add-ons. However, Avendelle Assisted Living makes a point to be all-inclusive with our pricing. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not accumulate add-ons. Our cost is reflective of every service we provide. We maintain a high standard of integrity in our pricing, as seen in the comparison displayed below.

Passionate Professionals

Passionate Professionals

While our facilities are superior home environments for our residents, it’s our caregivers that keep them that way. Our caregivers are expertly-trained, always professional, and dedicated to what they do. Most importantly, they’re extremely passionate about working with seniors. We continue to be amazed by their commitment, service, and resilience in an industry that can be draining at times. Our caregivers never stop.

Incorporate Family

Incorporate Seniors' Family

We’ve always said that Avendelle is like a big family. We are not an institution. We promote family time and encourage the family members of our residents to stay in close communication with their loved ones, to send mail, and to visit often. It’s means so much to residents. We also make a point to stay in good communication with families and update them with any necessary information.

Inspire Independence and Health

Inspire Independence & Health

We believe that entering an assisted living home doesn’t mean you stop caring for yourself. While we certainly help our residents with whatever they need, we continue to encourage our seniors to remain active until no longer realistic. We make it a priority to get seniors involved in cooking, light physical activity, games, and everyday self-care, such as grooming. It’s our experience that remaining active keeps the body, mind, and spirit in better working order for longer.

Personalized Care

Personalized Care & Living

As stated previously, we are not an institution. We do not operate by the same procedures as many facilities, where care is blanketed or viewed as one-size-fits-all. It’s important to us to get to know each resident as an individual with his or her own needs, likes, dislikes, comfort level, abilities, schedule, etc. As much as possible, we allow residents to operate on their own schedules and choose their activities. As long as safety or health is not compromised, we respect our seniors enough to let them make their own choices, and we try to tailor care to each person.


No Big Commitment

Assisted-living facilities are not prisons, and we do not view our residents as being on lock-down, as with some facilities. If a resident or family member does not feel as though an Avendelle home is a good fit, we’re happy to try to arrange moving to a different Avendelle home in the hopes that it’s a better match. However, if it doesn’t work out, we understand. You’re not locked in to a binding commitment with Avendelle.

Passionate Professionals

Memory Care

In addition to traditional assisted living, Avendelle also provides memory care services for seniors struggling with dementia. If you suspect your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s or related dementia issues, our staff is trained and experienced in providing 24/7 supervision and assistance with daily living. Our caregivers are sensitive to the needs of seniors with dementia and work to help both you and your loved one make the transition gracefully.

Read More About Memory Care


An Established Alternative

Avendelle isn’t just getting started as a provider of long-term service and support. We’ve been caring for aging seniors in full-time residential settings for 13 years. Our community of qualified caregivers is both substantial and selective. Because we’re committed to delivering superior personalized care, those caregivers are proud to be part of our team and maintain high levels of satisfaction and morale. As the availability of family caregivers decreases nationwide, Avendelle is committed to maintaining an at-home, family-like environment for seniors whose families are unable to provide at-home care. While other homes are just getting into the business, our team is in their second decade, delivering exceptional quality care in a licensed environment.


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What We Bring to You

At Avendelle, we genuinely believe we’re set apart from other assisted living homes. Most large assisted-living facilities focus their attention on amenities, but what they call amenities are often features that you or your loved one may not use. Too many aging people get stuck leading inactive lives without stimulating conversation, personal attention, or having their opinions make a difference.

At our homes, every resident is an important, active member. Our costs are 100% all-inclusive and are based on the needs of a small group instead of a large community with a huge staff. We don’t constantly change our rates or scam you with expensive add-ons. We maintain a healthy resident-to-caregiver ratio day and night, and there’s no bureaucracy. Residents never have to accept the lowest common denominator when it comes to their quality of life. Take a look at how we compare with other facilities.

  • Avendelle
  • All-Inclusive Price
  • How many medications? 5-7 (Included)
  • Bathing (Included)
  • Meal assistance (Included)
  • Two Person Transfer (Included)
  • All-Inclusive Rate (Included)
  • Total:


  • The Other Guys
  • Base Price
  • How many medications? 5-7 (Upcharge)
    + $$
  • Bathing - More than twice a week (Upcharge)
    + $$
  • Meal assistance (Upcharge)
    + $$
  • Two Person Transfer (Upcharge)
    + $$
  • Total:



What You Bring to Us

To thrive in the senior-care profession, you have to really be passionate and love what you do. At the end of the day, the work you do is priceless. Every caregiver at Avendelle is focused first on care. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, wants the same thing out of life: to be loved and cared for. Our caregivers have fun doing the work they do, and it’s their heart that leads them to make life a little easier for someone else each day. We don’t take for granted our opportunity to make a difference in another’s life. We strive to always create better senior living options, to raise the norm of senior care across the world. It’s because of this drive and our incredible residents that we’re able to have the satisfaction of doing something meaningful every day.


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