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What sets Avendelle apart from other facilities?

In the United States, demand for assisted living and memory care services is rapidly increasing. Though the need is growing, and many providers are working to expand their memory care offerings, memory care is not a given when it comes to assisted living. To better meet the needs of the communities we serve, select Avendelle residential care homes now provide memory care in addition to assisted living services1.


What sets Avendelle apart from other facilities?

Avendelle Assisted Living is more than a senior living facility. We’re your partner in taking the very best care of your loved one. We truly consider our seniors to be family and believe they deserve the utmost respect and dignity, regardless of age or illness. Our experience with seniors has taught us that no two are the same, and we’re trained in recognizing even the slightest changes in cognition. The goal of memory care at Avendelle is to help seniors experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia to stay safe, active, and engaged for as long as possible. We’re more than an assisted living community—we’re a passionate, trusted memory care resource equipped to handle the various stages of your loved one’s memory care needs.


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Modifications to the Home

Each of Avendelle’s residential care homes is designed to meet the needs of aging senior residents. Alarmed exit doors are just the beginning. Special features of Avendelle residences2 include ramps, improved lighting, shower modifications, nonslip treatment of flooring, and the installation of grab bars in resident bathrooms. Modifications to the home in a memory care situation are subtler. Everything from the functioning of door locks to the arrangement of furniture can require adjustment. When a resident needs memory care, we evaluate every aspect of the home environment, making any adjustment necessary to ensure the safety and security of all residents.


Modifications to Care

Caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires a unique skill set and specialized training. The caregivers in Avendelle homes have the skill and experience to respond appropriately when a resident becomes confused or disoriented. They are trained to interact in a calm, patient, and caring way that comforts and reassures individuals with memory problems. Since dementia can inhibit communication, staff members are trained to anticipate the needs of residents and to communicate via nonverbal means. Even something as simple as maintaining eye contact during an interaction can become an important element of memory care. Caregivers also integrate non-verbal communication tools into the home and may redirect conversations to avoid escalation or anxiety. Because the freedom to make everyday decisions is an essential part of maintaining seniors’ independence, we actively seek out ways to honor our residents’ opinions and preferences.


Health Management

It’s no mystery why Avendelle’s residential care facilities with memory care programs report fewer falls, injuries, and hospital visits, better nutrition, and greater independence and socialization. Memory care starts with prevention. Our approach at Avendelle includes identifying and minimizing the foreseeable risks that commonly arise with Alzheimer’s and dementia while consistently encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. Caregivers manage appointments, medications, and self-care to ensure that all residents’ health-related needs are met. They also promote physical activity, leisure programs, and therapeutic methods to improve quality of life.


Aging in Place

Memory Care is just one of the many ways Avendelle enables seniors to remain in place longer. Instead of moving to a specialized, locked ward or large, impersonal facility, residents can enjoy the comfort of a small, residential home despite growing memory challenges. So long as it’s safe and healthy for a resident to stay in an Avendelle home, and their quality of life is high, they will remain a welcome and cherished member of our family.


Knowing When to Enlist Help

Caring for an aging loved one is never easy, especially when balancing it alone. It’s made much more difficult if your loved one is experiencing symptoms of dementia or memory-related issues. Many people feel ill-equipped in this situation, quickly becoming emotionally and physically drained by the responsibility and worry. This results in overwhelming stress that interferes with their relationship with their loved one, as well as the self-care of the caregiver. If you’re experiencing this struggle, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel as though you’re not able to give your all to these responsibilities, because you’re not. The help of a memory care facility is not only beneficial, it’s often essential to ensure the best care of your loved one and your family. Early detection and intervention of dementia symptoms help to slow its progression and aid in a smoother adjustment period for all. There’s no need to feel guilty about turning your loved one’s day-to-day care over to professional care providers. Getting the help you and your loved one need leads to a better quality of life for all involved, and there’s no guilt in that.


What to Expect with Avendelle

With Avendelle Assisted Living as your memory care facility, you get a valuable partner. You get a team of highly trained and experienced caregivers to supervise and support your loved one around the clock. We provide secure, home-like settings with private to semi-private rooms at an all-inclusive rate. Our staff assists seniors’ daily living needs, including nutritious meal planning and preparation, help with bathing and dressing, structured activities designed to foster social, mental, and physical activity, and medication management. The caregivers at Avendelle are energetic, detail-oriented, and sensitive to each individual’s needs, as well as easy to communicate with about your loved one’s requirements and progress. With us as your partner, you get peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is surrounded by quality, professional care, improving their experience both short-term and long-term.


An All-Inclusive Solution

When it comes to memory care, Avendelle’s residential care homes are a wonderful alternative to family caregiving because we are equipped to provide 24-hour supervised care in a secure setting. Our secure environment, combined with a low resident-to-caregiver ratio, prevents the wandering that commonly occurs with Alzheimer’s and dementia. At Avendelle, the additional services involved in memory care can be incorporated into our all-inclusive care model so that you’re never surprised by the cost of care. To start a personalized conversation, request more information today.

1 – Availability varies by location; please inquire for details.

2 – Home Features vary by location.


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